Chris Matthews

Dan and his team have worked with us as team members to change our IT management and systems from a pain point to a true organizational strength. We’re a rapidly growing engineering and consulting firm with lots of moving parts and people spread out in many office locations and project sites. We had outgrown our prior IT provider. We felt we were still too small for full-time IT staff, but we needed a “part time CIO” who was a proactive part of our team, not a reactive vendor waiting for instructions from us. Dan and his company came in and exceeded our expectations for that role from day one. Our prior situation involved continual crisis management to keep things from falling apart, or patching them together when they did fail. Now, we have systems, procedures and a plan, and we’re regularly getting expert advice to help us perform more effectively in the future. From system security, to hardware, software, communications and mobile applications, we continue to move forward in all IT areas, and Micro Enterprises are integral to making that a reality.

GCI Consultants LLC