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Worry-free IT Consulting and Computer Repairs

Micro Enterprises LLC was founded in 1999 with the mission to educate technology dependent small to medium-sized businesses on how to use their IT to drive revenue instead of costing them money, time and stress. Through a process-driven, flat-fee approach, we make large capital technology expenses a thing of the past while taking a holistic approach to managing technology and allowing companies to focus on the essence of their business.

"When one critical business system fatally crashed, Micro Enterprises recovered the system in record time, despite unusable backups from the previous IT vendor. Because of their lightning fast response, and ability to adapt to change, we recommend Micro Enterprises. I could not ask for better service!"

Francis Lally
Delaware Public Employees Council 81

Our goal is to establish a long term relationship and provide amazing value to your business. Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Newark, DE businesses can benefit from our online services.

Micro Enterprises puts your focus back on your business with our:

  • Our Microsoft Registered Partner and Authorized Education Reseller status- designates our expertise with Microsoft technologies
  • Experienced professionals at your service - experienced engineers who view themselves as an extension of your business
  • 24 X 7 help and support - help is only a phone call away

Find out how our experienced professionals can improve your technology - and your business.

Dan McCoy (a.k.a "The Microchip";) has been innovating and engineering "firsts" since 1993 when he developed and ran a highly customized bulletin board system (BBS). Before the days of public internet access, The Micro BBS was one of the first BBSs and providers in Salem County to provide Internet Email Access to its clients.

Dual Degrees in Electrical Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering with special concentration in Computer Architectures have laid a solid foundation for implementing and troubleshooting the most complex problems.

Dan realized a need for passion and process in this industry. Passion to ensure that the user experience is as painless as possible. Passion to ensure that downtime is minimal if not eradicated.

He realized that waiting for your systems to break and then calling the computer guy was a bad way to do business for everyone EXCEPT the computer guy because the computer guy made out like a bandit when your systems were broken His passion to find a better way led him to develop our Covered I.T. and microMANAGE programs.

Modern hardware, software and networks are extremely complex, but also very mature. He discovered that many times before a failure event there was some warning of the upcoming problem. Further investigation showed that almost all unexpected computer downtime was preventable.

His passion was ignited.

After much research and trial and error, we have built a system to mitigate that downtime. A system designed to manage thousands of PCs and we have the people and processes to make it work smoothly. It's amazing how healthy your IT systems become when the technology service provider must pay to fix any problems.

Dan says, "My years of experience in this industry have taught me that the typical consultant/client relationship is exactly backwards. As IT consultants, we must align our interests with our clients. We are a real partner with our clients and truly share the risks and the financial pain of downtime."

Dan spent nearly 15 years managing multi-million dollar projects and implementing process driven lean operations for a large aerospace corporation. He spent a large portion of that time listening to his customer, developing system requirements based on their needs, integrating systems and networks, testing them and supporting the customer with a very complex flying computer network. His work and efforts are flying today in military theatres and supporting our troops. It is through these life lessons that Dan has developed his passion to educate clients how to drive more revenue with technology.

Since 1999, Dan has developed these same process based best practices, designed to save you money and keep you focused on your business and not worrying about your I.T. assets.

Dan is a private pilot and has a partnership in a 1956 Cessna 172. In his spare time he enjoys flying. Dan is also a ski instructor and loves to hit the slopes.

Dan has been married to Heather over 13 years and together they have a son, daughter and a crazy dog, Cole who is just as passionate to see us every time we walk in the door as Dan is to work with his clients... (well almost at least… Dan hasn’t resorted to jumping all over his clients yet)

Dan is an active member at First Baptist Church in New Castle, DE and serves as an audio engineer and lighting designer.