New Name

With my previous IT company things were not getting done to my satisfaction and there were more problems being created than solved. With all the technology we have driving our office, it's vital that our network is working smoothly, my team is not frustrated, and we can focus on our patients. I got tired of the headaches with the way things were and reached out to Dan and his team at Micro Enterprises. From implementing our new EMR software, helping us with marketing and website redesign, ensuring we are HIPAA compliant, secure, protected and productive, Dan's team delivers consistent and predictable results, just like we do with our patients. Trying to manage the IT work myself sidetracked me from my purpose of helping patients get results of health. At first it may seem like a significant investment but the practice just continues to grow even more now and has more than justified the investment. I am not used to having the level of service and support they provide. They are an extension to our company not just a vendor. If you are wanting to grow your practice I highly recommend you work with Dan’s team.

Dr. Jeffrey West
Be Truly Well Chiropractic