Our Brand

Many IT companies just resell some other vendor's products.  While this isn't necessarily bad thing, it doesn't keep you, the client, and your needs in mind. We believe in our solutions so much that we have branded them because we stand behind them 100%.  Every solution we create is done with the needs of you, our valued clients, in mind.  Whether you are looking for IT solutions or IT services in Wilmington, DE, Philadelphia, Newark DE, Mt Holly, NJ or anywhere else in the country, rest assured these solutions have our 100% stamp of approval. If you have any questions about additional services, please CONTACT US.

covered I.T. ™

  • microMANAGE - Complete network management and support services
  • microVAULT - Business Continuity Services - (Disaster Recovery and Prevention)
  • microDESK - 24x7x365 Help desk
  • microAV - Included anti-virus, spyware removal
  • microDEFENDER - Email Hygiene (Spam/Virus filtering and e-mail solutions)
  • microDISCOVER - Security and Compliance (HIPAA, GLBA, SOX Compliance and eDiscovery)
  • microCONTROL - remote access solutions and printing
  • microTEC - Technology-As-A-Service -Your Entire Network (Hardware, Software, service) included in our solution
  • microCRYPT - Email and Full-Disk encryption - Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA,GLBA,SOX, etc)
  • microWALL - Managed Gateway Protection Services -Web content filtering, Anti-virus, Threat Detection/Intrusion Protection
  • microSAFE - Web Application Security and Penetration Testing/Consulting
  • microCOMM - Secure IM/Chat and VoIP phone systems
  • microentFAX - Internet Fax Solutions
  • microMAIL - Hosted Exchange Collaboration
  • microSHARE - Hosted Sharepoint and Offsite Storage/Collaboration
  • microCUBE - Never buy a desktop PC again - CLOUD Desktop Replacement
  • microRASS - Hosted and Private Cloud Application Sharing Service
  • microCOMPLIANCE - Done-for-you HIPAA Risk analysis, compliance documentation, training and security solution