Dr. Ryan Dachowski

Before working with Dan, we had a serious situation where our former IT company lost an UNENCRYPTED hard drive with many patient records on it. This really scared me and our staff and distracted us from helping our patients. But our data is our responsibility, and my practice was looking at over a MILLION DOLLARS in fines and remediation costs... which we weren't prepared for. Not recognizing the importance of HIPAA compliance was like riding down the road on a bike with a 747 in my blind spot. How do you miss something that BIG and dangerous? Our ignorance nearly murdered us.

Dan had such a passion for helping, he knew our situation was grave and he IMMEDIATELY took action. He worked with us tirelessly through our situation and ultimately saved our company from all fines. No chiropractor should have a computer in their office without Techsubluxation.com behind them, because they go far beyond regular IT companies in helping ensure your practice is 100% HIPAA compliant, protected, productive and profitable. Can't thank you guys enough!

Whole Family Chiropractic