Dr. Scott Sweeney

"I want to give a big shout out and thank you to the team at Micro Enterprises. We were in the early stages of opening a new office when I reached out to Dan and his team to help me choose a phone system. He is always posting helpful tips, so I thought I'd reach out

WELL, I got so much more. They showed me all the options available and educated me on the pros and cons. He said they could even manage getting it all installed. I was blown away because they are in New Jersey and I'm in Texas. His team seamlessly managed everything from setting up our Broadband Internet connection to configuring and setting up our phone service. Excellent service with a lot of value.

They helped us make good decisions with our hardware, software, network setup, wiring and even managed the whole process too. They can really manage everything from soup to nuts!! Now they have us PROTECTED with a great firewall that tracks everything to ensure HIPAA Compliance, which is important in the health-care world. I can sleep much better at night knowing that Dan and his team are watching over our systems, keeping our data safe, and only a phone call away. They have provided such value and with all the time they have saved me, it has truly allowed me to invest more time into my business. They have been great, I'd highly recommend them to anyone!"

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