Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket!

Do you ever feel like your brain is swimming with passwords? Are you tired of trying to make up hard passwords to keep your accounts secure? Try a password manager on for size. It’s an eggcellent investment!

Password do’s!  We’ve all heard stories about users getting hacked because they use the same password for everything, right? Don’t be a victim, use a variety of passwords for your accounts. Here are a few tips to create strong passwords:

1. Make your passwords at least 8 characters long

2. Never use your username, company name, or real name as part of your password.

3. Use acronyms not common words from the dictionary.

4. Always use upper and lower case letters with numbers and characters or symbols. Even one of each will do the trick.

5. Be original! Never use similar passwords over and over.

Easy, right?  Now, follow these five steps for every account you have a login for and be sure to update the passwords every six months to keep your data safe.

This is the part where you say, “NO!”  All the tips to make my passwords safer won’t help me remember them. I need more! Don’t worry, that is what a password manager is for.

Hire the best manager to help you.  Consider these popular password managers when securing your accounts: 

· MyLOK Personal ($89.95)

· RoboForm Desktop 7 ($29.95)

· 1 Password for Windows ($49.95)

· F-secure Key ($15.99 yearly)

· Password Genie 4.0 ($15 yearly)

· LastPass 3.0 Premium ($12 yearly)

Most of these have free versions you can hop in and test to see if you like them.

Check for security.  Just a few things to look for if you go exploring; look for a program that will generate strong random passwords for you on demand, offers multifactor authentication (security features), and offers multiple device support so you can carry all your passwords over from your laptop to your smartphone or tablet too. Remember, your password manager is only as good as the password you use to secure it. Stay safe.


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